How do I know if my child is being bullied or abused?

“It couldn’t happen to my kids…”

“It doesn’t happen in my town…”

“Not at my church. No way.”

But what if it does?

And what if you could have seen the signs?

What if you could have stepped in?

This is a hard reality. 

Child abuse happens. Every year, nearly 700,000 children experience abuse and neglect in the United States.

With students more vulnerable than ever before, you’d think there would be massive action. 

But child abuse is also an uncomfortable topic.

No one wants to talk about it.

No one thinks it can happen to their kids.

No one truly understands the consequences abused children face when they don’t get needed help.

Most children are abused by someone who is a trusted member of their family or community. We need to start an open dialogue with our children to ensure that they are safe from harm.

Some conversations are hard to start. That’s why we’ve created the Parent Guidebook to help make things a little easier.