How to spot child predators

While big cases like Penn State, the U.S. Olympics Women’s Gymnastics team, and the Catholic church make the headlines, the risk for children being abused by child predators is far closer to home than either the news reports or we want to believe.

Unfortunately, child abuse is a problem everywhere. No one is  immune.

A common misconception is that background checks catch all potential child predators from joining an organization. That couldn’t be more wrong. A background check merely tells you if an individual was caught. Unfortunately, many abusers are never caught or convicted! Background screening is really the most minimal step we can do.

Protecting children from child predators requires doing as extensive a background check as possible in addition to training all adults working and volunteering with children. Training and education programs combined with solid prevention and policies help create a culture of a thousand eyes watching for abuse and offering a safe environment for children.

No one has to navigate child-abuse alone. Compass is here to help. Click here to download the FREE 10 step check-list for protecting your organization.