About You.

About You

On your watch, kids deserve safety, compassion, and opportunity. 

That’s why Compass works with organizations that share these values.

kids playing outside


Maintain safe environments while protecting your diocese from potential liability.


Keep churches - the heart of every Christian community - safe for everyone.


Jewish communities center around families. What is your child abuse prevention plan?


Ensure that your camp is full of laughter, fun, and innocence.

Youth Sports & Youth Groups

You understand the importance of safety. But what about the hidden dangers of child abuse?

Companies & Non-Profits

Your employees and volunteers work tirelessly on behalf of children. Don't forget best practices.

Higher Education

“We only have adults on campus,” is a dangerous and too common misconception.

Government Agencies

When agencies work with children, best practices are critical.

Schools and School Districts

You're in charge of keeping children safe. Safe to learn, safe to make friends, and safe to grow into adulthood.

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