Why Compass.

Why Compass

“Participant satisfaction is through the roof since we implemented the Compass Child Abuse Prevention Platform. Our people are completing the training program at all hours of the day and loving the convenience.”


When your organization serves children, good isn’t good enough.

To protect the children in your care and the well-being of your organization, you know what it takes: best practices.

Enter Compass.

More than just training, Compass is the Child Abuse Prevention Platform for organizations that serve, employ, or otherwise include children. Because best practices start with compassion.

Typical Practices


Best Practices with Compass 

Superficial integrations 
True integrations are more than just a link to a company website!
  Comprehensive and meaningful integrations with background screening companies 
Compliance looking backwards 
Do you want to only be in compliance at the end of the year?
  Forward thinking and proactive compliance
Pricing by user
How can you have predictable pricing with fluctuating users?
  Pricing by location
Waiting for compliance reports
When you need meaningful data, you need it ASAP!
  At-a-glance compliance dashboard and compliance reports in minutes, not months!
No tech support
Do you have time to reset everyone’s passwords?
  Phone, email and live chat tech support
Using the compliance company’s website instead of your own
One size does not always fit all.
  Your own web portal, tailored for your organization, it’s people, culture and mission
Falls short of compliance
Without best practices, loopholes to push off the training will be found!
  Achieve meaningful compliance 
Background screening not included
Two separate systems creates confusion.
  Integrated background screening
Training for faith-based organizations only discusses abusive clergy
What about volunteers, teenagers, and other employees?
  Training discusses all types of predators, not just clergy
Vulnerable to financial exposure
What would an allegation cost your organization?
  Avoid unnecessary risk and limit financial exposure
Lack of parent involvement
Ignoring a child’s most important advocate!
  Training for parents, including a parental guidebook 
Avoids training children
How can children be empowered to stop abuse if they’re not educated?
  Includes training for children, with courses geared for all grade levels 
Only discusses children and avoids other vulnerable populations
Elderly and handicapped adults are also vulnerable.
  Protects vulnerable populations, such as the elderly and handicapped

Materials only offered in English
Shouldn’t an important topic only be taught in a language that’s fully understood?

  Materials offered in Spanish and other languages.
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