Keep kids safe with child abuse prevention training, resources, and background checks.

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Yes, there a is a budget-friendly solution for organizations that have less than 500 trainees.  (Only $10/course!)

Parents learn how to recognize and prevent child abuse and start important age-appropriate family conversations with online Compass resources.

It is important to background screen and train every person in your organization who interacts with children. Without full compliance, your organization is left vulnerable to serious financial harm if any allegation is made. Implementing child protection compliance avoids any unnecessary risks. Wouldn’t you rather KNOW everyone is safe rather than finding out you were wrong because of a tragedy?

All Compass training courses for adults are 100% online.

For children and teen programming, we strongly recommend in-person training. Compass provides online training for a teacher, social worker, or spiritual adviser to facilitate age-appropriate programming. 

As the head of your organization, you’ll receive tracking reports to monitor compliance. You’ll also be notified if there are any red flags that result from background screening.

All Compass clients have access to a fantastic tech support team! Trainees can reach the tech support team via phone, email, or live chat. 

In addition to training courses for adults, Compass includes training courses for teen volunteers and children, empowering them to identify and stop abuse. You’ll get all training materials needed for a teacher, social worker, or spiritual adviser to present courses for children at every grade level.

At Compass, we know child predators come from all walks of life. That’s why Compass training courses cover all forms of child predators and abuse.

Yes, Compass has senior and disabled adult abuse prevention training to help protect vulnerable populations. 

Yes, Compass training courses are in English, Spanish and Vietnamese. If you’re looking for training in a different language, just ask!

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