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How do I get online child abuse prevention training and background checks?

Compass Abuse Prevention Services offers online child abuse prevention training and background checks.

What is child abuse and neglect in Mississippi?

According to Mississippi law, an “abused child means a child whose parent, guardian or custodian or any person responsible for his care or support, whether legally obligated to do so or not, has caused or allowed to be caused upon said child sexual abuse, sexual exploitation, emotional abuse, mental injury, non-accidental physical injury or other maltreatment. 

child abuse

Provided, however that physical discipline, including spanking, performed on a child by a parent, guardian or custodian in a reasonable manner shall not be deemed abuse under this section.”

According to the Child Welfare League of America, there were 8,136 victims of abuse or neglect in
Mississippi in 2020, a rate of 11.7 per 1,000 children. This is a 20.1% decrease since 2016.

Who is a mandated reporter according to MS state requirements?

Any attorney, physician, dentist, intern, resident, nurse, psychologist, social worker, family protection worker, family protection specialist, child caregiver, minister, law enforcement officer, public or private school employee or or any person who knows or has reason to suspect abuse or neglect of a child by a parent, legal custodian, caregiver, or other person(s) responsible for the child’s care, is required by law to make a report to the Mississippi Department of Child Protection Services. See the Mississippi Code for more information.

mandated reporter

How do I report child abuse in Mississippi?

Child abuse can be reported by calling:

 1-800-222-8000 (Nationwide) or (601) 432-4570

Vulnerable adult abuse can be reported to the Vulnerable Adult Abuse Hotline at 844-437-6282. 

report child abuse

How do I contact the MS Department of Child Protection Services?

Contact the Mississippi Department of Child Protection Services
P. O. Box 346
(601) 359-4368

reporting child neglect

Disclaimer: Please ensure the information and courses meet requirements for your organization and circumstances and align with what your state Department of Child Protection Services requires. The state requirements and child abuse and human trafficking statistics listed on this page are current as of February 21st, 2023 to meet the best information available. State requirements may change and it is your responsibility  to know your state mandated reporter requirements and the process for online child abuse prevention training. Compass Abuse Prevention Services can not guarantee acceptance by your school, organization, or state Department of Child Protection Services. If there is a child abuse emergency, call 911 immediately.

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