About Us.

About Us

Picture this…

At the highest level, your organization improves children’s lives. It exists in large part to help kids. Perhaps it’s teaching  life skills, mentoring children from disadvantaged homes, or offering kids a safe place to learn and play. And like every organization, you want to keep your kids safe from harm.

It’s why schools do fire drills.

It’s why youth leagues ban certain bats.

It’s why government agencies do background checks.

When your organization serves children, you care about protecting them from harm.

But, how do you know you’re doing everything in your power to protect the children in your care? How can you be sure your organization is not at risk?

Meet Compass.

More than just training, Compass is the Child Abuse Prevention Platform for organizations that serve, employ, or otherwise include children.

Navigating the dark world of child abuse and sexual predators can be an isolating and confusing journey. With Compass, you’re not alone.  From automated background checks to safety compliance training to real-time tracking and reporting, Compass is with you every step of the way. Because good practices start with compassion. 

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