Empower children to protect themselves

Teaching children about child abuse and how to protect themselves will empower them to stop or prevent abuse. As the famous Chinese proverb says, “of all the 36 alternatives, running away is best.” Let’s teach our children how to run away from danger.

Teaching children about child abuse often focuses on stranger danger. Every parent has taught their children to be cautious, if not afraid, of strangers. The high-profile cases of child abduction reinforce that fear.

The reality is quite different. While the statistics vary, it is generally accepted that 80-90% of all children abused are victims of people with whom the child has a relationship with. It is sad and true that many children are abused by relatives, as well as people close to them at school, or at youth groups.

Teaching children about child abuse should start in Pre-K and progress through high school. Of course, the curriculum should be age-appropriate both in language and topics addressed.  Compass strongly believes that children should be taught by trained, caring adults in a live session whether in-person or online, NEVER ALONE ONLINE. Whether the trained adult facilitator is a teacher, therapist, school counselor, other professional, or their parent, it is key to have an adult communicate the information and answer the child’s questions.  

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