Protect children online: stranger danger in the 21st century

All children are taught to be wary of strangers they pass on the street. But the 21st century brought strangers into our homes, chatting with our kids online. Online predators have easy access to connect with kids via social media, online gaming, and other online sites. They may be strangers but the kids view them as friends or confidants. How do we protect children online?

A talented child abuser will groom their victims online with a false persona that tricks children into believing they are a trusted friend. Law enforcement agencies at the local, state, and federal level are getting more sophisticated and active in going after these predators but we as parents and adults responsible for the protection of children cannot defer our responsibility. We need to teach and protect our children online so they don’t become prey to child predators. 

The conversation should start early and develop as they get older. No 12th grader should have a simple “stranger danger” slogan guiding them like they did in kindergarten. 

Including the parents in the conversation is a game changer to protect children online! Check out the Parent Guidebook, available in print or e-book!