Who should be in charge of compliance?

Organizations want to know who should be in charge of compliance? Someone, whether a person or a department, has to be responsible to implement, track, and monitor an organization’s child protection program protocols and compliance. That might seem like a lot of work!

We’ve seen this responsibility fall to the HR, finance, and youth education departments, office managers, administrative assistants, principals, and many other job titles. Larger organizations with multiple locations will normally have a central, organization level person or department responsible as well as at least one local person at each location who takes care of the adults and children in their branch. Each organization has to determine who is best suited to handle this compliance program.

In our experience, HR departments generally have the people with the skill sets to implement and monitor compliance as they are accustomed to implementing and maintaining compliance to organization policies, employment laws, etc. That does not mean only HR people are who should be in charge of compliance and qualified or the best in your organization’s case, but you may wish to start by looking to people like those in your HR area to help set up and implement your program. Of course, you will also have your legal counsel involved.

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