What is Child Abuse Training?

What is child abuse training?

Effective child abuse training is preventative rather than reactive.

Don’t wait for a tragedy to occur before implementing a child abuse prevention training program for your organization. Just like we have fire drills and active shooter drills, everyone needs to learn how to recognize, prevent, and report child abuse.

Is your organization doing everything it can to protect children?

We all want to keep kids in our organizations safe. But, are we using abuse prevention best practices?

Every person in an organization who comes into contact with children needs to have child abuse training. This includes volunteers, employees, and even staff members who work in the same building or camp but do not directly interact with children.

Compass provides online child safety programs that helps organizations of all sizes learn how to recognize, report, and prevent child abuse. Learn about the types, mechanisms, and signs of abuse and predatory grooming.

When employees and volunteers get child abuse training, they know the organization’s boundaries, expectations, and policies about how to interact with children. They are also trained to make reports if they see something wrong and learn how to recognize grooming strategies.

Child abuse prevention training facilitates a happy, healthy, and safe environment for everyone.

Compass has trained over 500,000 people and kept over a million children safe from abuse. Prevent child abuse today with Compass training programs.