What is the Movie Sound of Freedom Really About?

There are many types of risks to children beyond child trafficking and abduction as shown about in Sound of Freedom. In 2021, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children received more than 29 million reports of suspected child sexual exploitation and more than 17,000 reports of possible child sex trafficking (CST).

In fact, the National Child Protection Task Force points out myths about human trafficking. What is the truth about child trafficking and what do we need to know? Human trafficking does happen in the United States and while abductions do occur, most trafficked children have been groomed. Traffickers invest time and resources to build a relationship with the child and often with their family too. That’s right, most human traffickers are not strangers and most of the time are known to the child and family. Abusers may be individuals, business owners, neighbors, parents or family members of victims, government representatives, friends, community members, or others.

Human traffickers are methodical and intentional master manipulators and while they might use force, more often they use fraud or coercion. This does not necessarily mean violence. A child approached online and asked to create sexual photos or videos in exchange for money is a human trafficking victim. And, the psychological tactics that abusers use creates a sense of loyalty with their victims.

According to the Polaris Project, there is no direct percentage of gender differences amongst human trafficking victims. Traffickers are subtly available to connect with any child who seems vulnerable and ready to someone to lean on. However, LGBTQ populations are increasingly vulnerable because they seek acceptance, something the trafficker is eager to give in exchange for servitude. Anyone under 18 cannot consent to prostitution. Someone willing to pay a 16-year-old for sex is willing to engage in a human trafficking situation.

So what is the movie Sound of Freedom really about? It is a film bringing the topic of child sex trafficking to the forefront of our collective attention. Buy or get a free ticket here.

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