Why are background checks important?

Most people are good citizens who strive to live their lives with integrity and compassion. 

Some people do not. Talented people with bad intentions exist.

 We live in a world where charismatic individuals act out their lives as a charade, conning their way into organizations that will provide them easy access to children. You can do everything right and still have a child abuser sneak into your organization. They are experts at grooming everyone around them. You see no reason to deny them employment.

That’s one of the many reasons why we need to upgrade from “good practices” to “best practices.”

A good practice is background screening every new adult who joins your organization. A best practice is conducting regularly scheduled background checks for every person, no exceptions, or using a fingerprint-based background check that reports to your organization if the person ever has a reportable event. Do you hear the difference? There are no loopholes for employees hired before a certain date, “low-risk” volunteers, or the executive director’s nephew when you work with best practices.

Vulnerability isn’t an option. In today’s day and age, good practices are simply not good enough. 

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