Vulnerable Adults Protection Training.

Vulnerable Adults

Children are not the only ones who are vulnerable to abuse and neglect. Elderly or handicapped adults may be unable or unlikely to recognize and report abuse without assistance. Compass provides training for employees and volunteers to create a safe and supportive environment for vulnerable adults:

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Protecting Vulnerable Adults 

Protecting Vulnerable Adults  presents an overview of signs, characteristics, and scenarios  of suspected vulnerable adult abuse. The course reviews all forms of abuse, including  physical, sexual and emotional abuse, neglect, and topics specific to adult abuse, for example financial abuse. The course also provides participants information and tools to report abuse if necessary.




Serving Vulnerable Populations

Serving Vulnerable Populations is ideal for the organization whose staff and volunteers work with both children and vulnerable adults. The course covers recognizing abuse in both children and vulnerable adult populations while providing a foundation in professional boundaries and behaviors for staff and volunteers. 




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