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Meet the needs of your Spanish speaking staff and volunteers with Compass courses written in Spanish. Our courses are translated for an international Spanish speaking audience. Contact us if you need child protection training in other languages.

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Recognizing Child Abuse
Sensitive topics require respectful solutions.

Recommended as a first course, Recognizing Child Abuse trains employees and volunteers to recognize signs, characteristics, and scenarios of suspected child abuse and human trafficking. 

With an informative and thorough curriculum, this child abuse prevention course presents best practices for creating and maintaining a safe environment.


Professional Boundaries and Behaviors

Healthy boundaries are a proactive measure to reduce potential abuse scenarios. With a solid foundation in healthy boundaries, your organization’s employees and volunteers can demonstrate professional behaviors that create safe environments for the children in your care.

Professional Boundaries and Behaviors explores:

  • Role, identity and purpose of a professional
  • Boundaries for healthy professional relationships
  • Healthy professional habits


Technology Safety

Technology can be an incredible resource for children. It also creates a real threat to their safety. In today’s day and age, child predators use technology to befriend and take advantage of vulnerable children. With Technology Safety, employees and volunteers learn more about the technology children are accessing, what kinds of threats they face, and how to protect them.

BONUS: This course also focuses on ways adults can protect themselves online.


Bullying Interventions for Organizations

Bullying is an unpleasant but inevitable part of life that happens in virtually every social group.

This is a course designed to equip participants to respond effectively and in accordance with governmental and organizational policies when they witness or are informed about incidents of bullying. The goal is to help adult staff and volunteers understand the different aspects of bullying and to provide recommended strategies and techniques to deal with both victims and bullies.


Suicide Prevention

According to the U.S. Center for Disease Control, suicide is the second most common cause of death among teens and young adults age 15-24 and third highest reason among children age 10-14.

The Suicide Prevention course discusses the critical role adults play in child suicide prevention and share creative strategies designed to strengthen understanding, empathy and care. 


Teaching Children for Volunteers

Working with children of all ages can be one of life’s most rewarding experiences. At the same time, working with children is quite different from teaching or even interacting with adults.

Teaching Children for Volunteers educates volunteers on how to present ideas in a fun, interesting and engaging way. Using research-based, tried and tested strategies, volunteers learn new skills for teaching children from all backgrounds.



Protecting Vulnerable Adults

Protecting Vulnerable Adults presents an overview of signs, characteristics, and scenarios of suspected vulnerable adult abuse. The course reviews all forms of abuse, including physical, sexual and emotional abuse, neglect, and topics specific to adult abuse, for example financial abuse. The course also provides participants information and tools to report abuse if necessary.



Creating a Harassment Free Workplace 

Every person in your organization deserves to be treated with respect. Unfortunately, workplace harassment is an all too common scenario for many professional environments. Creating a Harassment Free Workplace teaches employees and volunteers how to properly identify and report harassment.




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