Program Administrators

Program Administrators

Training Coordinators

Training Coordinators

Training Participants

Training Participants


Program Administrators

“Participant satisfaction is through the roof since we implemented our new online training and testing program. Our people are completing the training program at all hours of the day and loving the convenience.”

“Implementation of the Compass Child Protection program for our diocese has been so smooth, quick and easy for us. You have answered many prayers. Bless you!”

“I spoke with one of my DREs (Directors of Religious Education) who had been one of our toughest critics when we originally launched online training. Now she is one of our strongest supporters. Her people no longer complain about doing the training and she is very pleased with the results.”

“Compass transformed our diocese’s safe environment training program into more than I imagined. Compass continually anticipates my needs and exceeds my expectations.”

“Compass has saved our diocese at least 50% from our previous training budget.”

“Compass makes my life so much less stressful! Thank you!”

“Thanks so much – as always, you make things TOO easy for me. I feel spoiled!”

“The online reporting for my local coordinators has reduced phone calls to me from them asking me for information about their people by half overnight. Thank you!”

“The Safe Environment committee is very impressed with our progress and the partnership we have with Compass. Together we have done great things in the past year. Thank you again for making my life so much easier in so many aspects.”

Training Coordinators

“Excellent video training in the Safe Environment Coordinator’s Room. Very accessible information and everything worked. I have several volunteers from other parishes. I was able to see if their training was current. Well done.”

“Thanks for all you do to make our lives so much easier.”

“I completed the online Compass program in May as part of my employment requirements. I found the program to be comprehensive and detailed, yet not overwhelming to the average individual. The important descriptions and expectations are clearly outlined.”

“I am not only able to require it of our volunteers but also wholeheartedly recommend it as a means of acquiring information that can better enable us to maintain a safe and sacred environment for all who are entrusted to our care.”

Training Participants

“Awesome stuff…thank you for creating and offering such a wonderful program.

I feel it’s just another blessing I receive in my ministry here.”

“This was the best training I have received so far. The topic was needed and the information was easy to understand. The training reinforced basic guidelines I have been following throughout the years and helped me to get updated on current language used.”

“It is an excellent reminder that what we do is sacred and a privilege. This may sound funny but I found the program prayerful, it led me to that prayerful reflective place. I will probably go through it a few more times just to make sure I didn’t miss anything.”

“I definitely feel I have learned a lot about bullying and how to combat it inside and outside of the classroom. I have learned new strategies that I can pass on to my students on how to deal with bullies.”

“What a blessing this is!! I took it a few days ago and things I read in it are still touching me.”

“This was probably the best diocesan online course presentation that I have taken to date.”

“Whoever thought of this live chat service should get an A+! You have helped me greatly!”

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