Tackling Tough Text.

Help students to tackle difficult text and understand it better.

Project Description

Help students to tackle difficult text and understand it better. The strategies in this course help improve learning comprehension and are applicable to all subjects.

Reading and comprehension are essential skills required for academic growth and professional excellence in all fields. These skills are also vital for smooth functioning in daily life. Developing one’s students to be successful readers is an important goal for an educator.
Sometimes, students may find certain text tough to read and comprehend. This is true especially for nonfiction texts. Students may come across vocabulary, phrases and writing styles that they find difficult to read. As students progress to higher grades, they are exposed to reading material that is of a higher level of difficulty across all subjects.
How can you help your students read and comprehend tough text, developing them into strong readers? This course deals with practical strategies on tackling tough text, with a focus on the Reading Comprehension Checklist. This checklist, to be used with nonfiction texts, integrates research-based reading strategies and is found to be successful across all subject areas.

Project Details

  • Date July 27, 2016
  • Tags Reading
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