Fingerprint screening: a luxury or best practice? 

In an ideal world and with unlimited funding, fingerprint screening is the best way to provide an accurate background check. Fingerprint screening is not dependent on a social security number or name searches. Fingerprints are unique, and they are recorded by law enforcement at all levels from local municipalities to the FBI and Federal agencies. Therefore, if your organization can do fingerprints, this is the best choice. If not possible, then seriously consider what requirements will be enforced with a database only search. Your screening vendor can provide guidance.  

Some organizations do both a fingerprint and database search. Why?  

Database checks can typically be processed fast, usually between 1-3 business days. In this case, running both database and fingerprint searches gives the organization a solid database search “quickly” so they can make a preliminary authorization for the employee and volunteer to start their position while awaiting the in-depth fingerprint, which will likely match the results of the database check. This double search may be a luxury for some organizations and a good strategy for others. 

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