Child Protection Training for Teen Volunteers.

Child Protection Training for Teen Volunteers


Organizations often rely on teen volunteers for many positions involving young children. The Teen Volunteer Training Program is a three-part child abuse prevention program designed to educate teens about child abuse recognition and prevention, similar to the topics your adult staff and volunteers learn,  in an age-appropriate manner for high school students:

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Facilitator Training

Compass strongly believes that teens should be taught this important subject in-person by a trained facilitator. The facilitator can be any trusted adult, such as a teacher, social worker, or faith-based leader.  By presenting the course in person, teens discover caring, responsible adults who are available to answer questions and address concerns. 

Using unique methodology that leverages the best of adult learning principles and online instructional techniques, Compass provides online training for your organization’s facilitator. 

Teen Volunteers’ Curriculum

While adults participate in Compass training online, teens receive their training from trusted adult facilitators in a traditional classroom or group setting. 

The curriculum covers important and relevant topics for today’s teens to help the adults in their organization help protection children from abuse. Facilitators have access to view, download and print the age-appropriate lesson plans, resource lists, handouts, and other presentation materials from the online resource center.

Parent Engagement 
Effective learning starts in the classroom but continues at home. That’s why every Compass student is given take-home materials, creating a framework for family-wide discussions. Parents are given tips on starting age-appropriate conversations about the important topics their teens learned in their Teen Volunteer training.


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